Reduce Wait Times

Save an average of 37 seconds per call, by having the chart readily available.

Caller ID Copying

Copy an unknown phone number with ease and add it to an existing chart with a click of a button.

Notification System

Know if the caller-id is an existing client before you answer with basic pop up notifications as the phone rings.

Happier Clinic Staff

Average clinics receive roughly 3000 calls a month, 900 calls a week, 150 a day. That is 150 times a day staff doesn’t have to look up a chart.

Personalized Customer Service

Know every client every time they call. Eliminate impersonal interactions like “How do you spell your name?” and “Are you a client with us?”

Answer More Calls

Eliminating the need to look up the chart gives you more time to answer more phone calls. Reduce the number of clients you have to put on hold.

Improved Efficiency

CSRs save 29.5+ hours per month looking up charts in a average 5 FTE veterinary clinic. That is an average total of $472 savings every month.

Reduce Payroll Expenses

Actively managing the reports within Fetchit allows scheduling your staff efficiently, saving an average of $520 per month in payroll costs.

Get More Appointments

In active management of the call to appointment conversion reports we see an average 2 additional appointments per doctor per day.

Happier Clinic Staff

Average clinics receive roughly 3000 calls a month, 900 calls a week, 150 a day. That is 150 times a day staff doesn’t have to look up a chart.

In-Depth Reporting

Schedule staff more efficiently with reporting on call volume per day, hour or CSR.

Build your Database

Accurate mobile information in your client database means more compliance and fewer missed appointments.

In-Depth Reporting

Fetchit has a series of reports that are available to view. Use these easily exportable reports to make informed decisions when scheduling staff based on the call volume per day, per hour and even per CSR. Gain insight into which of your staff members need training and who sets the most appointments.

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Calls Per Day

Knowing how many phone calls your clinic receives each day can help your clinic to be staffed efficiently and effectively. Make sure you have all the right staff scheduled on those days when phone call volume is the highest.


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Calls Per Hour

Looking at what time of the day your clinic receives the highest number of calls can help you to coordinate your staff’s breaks and when your CSR’s need to start their shifts. Always make sure you have people available to answer the phone during busy lunch hours.

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Conversion Analysis

Make certain that your staff is converting all incoming phone calls into face-to-face appointments, and see how many appointments each CSR is scheduling based on the phone calls they answer. Increase your clinic’s revenue by simply reviewing and discussing this report on a weekly basis.

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What Fetchit Can Do for You

$119.00 Per Month
  • One-Click Retrieval of Full Client Charts
  • Copy Unknown Caller-ID into your PMS
  • Comprehensive Call Reporting Features
  • Pricing Per Location (Not per Computer)
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Easy Self-Installation

Using the installation instructions, your IT provider can complete the installation of the Fetchit software.

Have Us Install Fetchit

Our support staff will coordinate with your IT provider and install our Fetchit software for a one time fee of $399.


How do I get Fetchit?
Head to our Features Page to purchase Fetchit. A sales consultant will reach out to you with next steps to get Fetchit installed properly!
Does Fetchit collect my data?
No! Unlike most software, Fetchit does not collect your data or your client’s data. All of your data remains on your server.
What if I decide I don't like Fetchit after it’s installed?
If you don’t like Fetchit, let us know. We’ll try our best to resolve any issues, but if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any point with no additional charges!
Will Fetchit work with my Practice Management Software?
Consult with a Fetchit representative at sales@gofetchit.com to make sure your Practice Management Software is compatible.
Will Fetchit work with my phone system?
Fetchit works with a variety of phone systems. Some of them have direct integrations and other may require an additional interface. Contact sales@gofetchit.com for a consultation and additional pricing.
Does Fetchit really save time and improve customer service?
Absolutely! Fetchit allows your staff to have the chart pulled up as soon as they answer the phone call. Your customers will love this personalized experience and appreciate you being ready to answer their questions. The reporting tool also allows you to staff your clinic efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.
What if I need help with Fetchit?
Please check our support page to see if your issue is listed there. If not, place a ticket and support will come running! Support is available Monday through Friday 8am CST to 5pm CST.
What if I like Fetchit so much that I want to refer a friend?
Talk to a Fetchit sales representative about our referral program!

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Hear From Other Vet Practices Like Yours

Veterinarians from all over the country are using Fetchit to improve customer service and build better client relationships. See what they had to say!

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Shayline S., CSR Indianapolis, IN "Fetchit has created a more efficient and smooth customer experience every time. This also gives us the opportunity to track who answered for a specific client in case they would like to speak with that person. I highly recommend this to any clinic that is needing a easier way to do your job!"
Meredith R., CSR Valencia, CA "Fetchit has been an amazing feature that I use every day. This application is very efficient and easy to work with. It makes calls faster due to the ease of finding the owners account. It also serves as a great reminder to update phone numbers! All around this feature has made my job so much easier and efficient. I would definitely be lost without it!"
Kim S., CSR Knoxville, TN "Fetchit makes client communication much smoother! It is frustrating and time consuming when a chart can't be located due to a spelling or miscommunication issue. With Fetchit, I instantly have access to the patients chart and can quickly become familiarized with recent visits, usual doctor, etc... and thus I can tailor our conversation to the client's preferences and provide a better level of customer service."
Mike M., Practice Manager Longwood, FL "Fetchit has improved our efficiency by reducing call time duration and improving customer relations by the perception of recognizing the client on a personal level."
Jan M., Practice Manager Peachtree City, GA "With Fetchit, our clients are amazed at the high level of service - we have their chart pulled up and ready to help them by the time we’ve finished our phone greeting."
Stephanie K., CSR Bartlett, TN "I love Fetchit! It allows me to pull up clients quickly so that I can better help them schedule appointments or answer questions. I no longer have to race to get their number from them or ask for their name and pet's name. Instead, the information is literally at my fingertips! It even lets me know when someone is calling from an unknown number so I can update their customer account."
Kelsey M., CSR Lakeland, TN "Fetchit has changed the way I find clients. With just one quick click I can open their chart. It is so much simpler than asking a client their name & the patients name or typing in a 10 digit phone number. My favorite part about it is that when there is a bad connection or an owner has an emergency and is so upset that they can hardly get out their words, I already know who they are and have their pets entire history right in front of me."