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Meet the team!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Fetchit team introductions

Dalton Kindt- Dalton was a collegiate football player at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. Dalton is originally from Maysville Kentucky. Dalton was also an intern at Schultz Technology as well as several other companies. In his free time, Dalton is a big fan of working out at Orange Theory, and when he is not working, he is coaching football and binge watching the latest show on Netflix.

Bill Ferreri- Bill AKA Mr. Fetchit, is a full-time father, singer, IT analysis, and Fetchit support specialist. Bill has been with Schultz for three years and continues to surprise his fellow colleagues with his humor, intelligence, and overall ability. Bill says he has 5 pets but four of which are human children. The other animal is a neon fish.

Edward James Bevenour- EJ is a programmer by profession but wears several hats by being one of the brightest IT technicians on the Eastern Coast. EJ was originally born in Russia but has made his way over state side when he was an infant. EJ started his programming career by creating several cheat codes into video games. EJ is a consistent, smart, consciences programmer who lives to help other people learn some of his skill set.

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