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Tradeshow Checklist!

A lot of Schultz's business comes from the face-to-face connection that can only be made and matched at trade shows. A trade show according to the world dictionary is an exhibition at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services.

Schultz is a 24/7 365 vet specific IT solution. We frequent tradeshows in the veterinary, dental, optometry, and storage unit spaces.

Baran Schultz, Sarah Roman, Dalton Kindt and Harry Cusick are the main faces that you will see at the more than 50 shows that Schultz attends a year!

Through the fun and exciting training that makes us one of the best booths at every show!

  1. Show up on time. (On time means a day early!)

  2. Set up the day prior to the show!

  3. Connect and double check all electronics

  4. Plan your show day accordingly.

  5. Meet new people in the industry

  6. Have a great night sleep before the big day.

  7. Get to the show early

  8. Bring snacks

  9. Locate coffee immediately

  10. Smile

  11. Help customers find the right support not necessarily our services

  12. Always buy dinner

  13. Smile

  14. Live in the moment

  15. Back up exactly the same

  16. Keep the movement minimal

  17. Always be in the booth

  18. Help

  19. Follow up

  20. Follow up with the Follow up

These are some of the steps that we do at Schultz to make an engaging show!

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