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Why VoIP?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Why VoIP?

A VoIP phone or Voice over Internet Phone is a phone that actively allows the user to use the phone anywhere in the country as long as they have internet access. Schultz technology reports that clients save a total of 15-40% on their phone bill if they switch to a VoIP system.

Another interesting thing that Schultz’s VoIP phone do is allow the phone systems to be completely customizable and configured for the users’ personal preferences, The quick reliable response times actively safe you time and money.

With VoIP phone systems user tend to have fewer dropped calls, we also can have all extensions clearly laid out for a streamlined experience, even the extensions can be completely customizable. An additional bonus that Schultz Technology offers that no other company does is provide a full on-site training for every user, the reason is to ensure that when you work with Schultz, and you work with our top tier phone team you will have an easy and stress-free phone experience.

“Without question, a well-functioning VoIP phone system plays a central role in your business phone service.” Schultz CEO and owner stated, “Whether your phones need to be updated or replaced entirely, Schultz technicians can help you make the necessary changes without breaking stride.” Baran went on to say, “Switching over to our VoIP system saves businesses time, money, and major headaches.”

The major pros and cons of VoIP are,

Pro Con

Inexpensive and user friendly Reliant on the internet

Increased portability Susceptible to attacks, very rarely does this happen

Additional/new features Compatibility

High collaboration

VoIP users can increase their company’s customer base with VoIP. This type of telephone enables employees to be in a different location/time zones, because of this many frequent travelers and business owners move to this type of solution. VoIP allows travelers and business owners alike can use the broadband connectivity. There will always be a need for receptionist in most customer support-oriented businesses, however; VoIP helps receptionist and client support representatives alike due to having the ability to integrate with other software and devices, call-filtering options that helps cold calls and spam calls. VoIP also offers conferencing, speaker usage, and intercom. Conferencing is simplified through VoIP, the inclusion of video calls, which traditional landlines do not offer.

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