Fetchit currently has four native reports that are available to view. Use these easily exportable reports to make informed decisions about when and where to schedule your staff. Gain insight into which staff members may need additional training and who sets the most appointments.

Average Calls by Day

Use this report to make sure you have your phone center staffed accordingly for those busy days. Avoid over staffing your clinic on days when there are fewer calls coming in.

Average Calls by Hour

Use this report to schedule more efficient start and stop times for your phone center staff. Coordinate lunch breaks to make sure there’s someone available to answer calls during those busy lunch hours.

Receptionist Calls Counts

Add accountability to your staff by gaining insight into who’s answering the calls in your clinics.

Phone to Appointment Conversation Analysis 

Your clinic relies on appointments walking through the door. Make sure that your staff is fully trained on converting those phone calls into face-to-face appointments. See how many appointments your clinic is getting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.