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Server Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  • RAM - 16GB minimum
  • Available Hard Drive Space: 8GB

Client Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 11
  • RAM - 8GB minimum
  • Available HD Space: 8GB

Network Requirements

Fetchit requires these ports to be open on the network:

  • 1433 TCP - SQL Server Database
  • 1434 UDP - SQL Server Browser
  • 3520 UDP - Fetchit Interface Box
  • 1020-1030 TCP - Bubble Popups

Having Problems with the requirements?

If you are experiencing problems with Fetchit, have your IT professional verify that your network environment meets these specifications. Contact for further questions.

Support FAQ's

Installation Related

When installing Fetchit on a workstation, I don’t see the correct server listed.
If you are installing Fetchit on a workstation (client install) and if you click the search button on the SQL Server database selection window, and it does not appear, this means that the SQL Browser service on the server is not accessible. Try the following solutions: a. Log onto your server and open Services. Search for the FISQLEXPRESS SQL Browser Service to verify it is running. b. Make sure that your firewall and/or antivirus is not blocking the following ports:
  • 1433 TCP – SQL Server Database
  • 1434 UDP – SQL Server Browser
  • 3520 UDP – Fetchit Interface Box
  • 1020-1030 TCP – Bubble Popups
If it still cannot find the SQL server, please manually enter the server name in the following format: FISQLEXPRESS
I received an error message related to SQL during the server installation.
If you are installing Fetchit on the server and get an error message related to SQL, there may an older version of SQL or SQL Express currently on the server and Microsoft’s installer has a conflict. On the server, look for SQL 2012 in the Programs and Features and remove it if it’s not in use. Once SQL 2012 is removed, try to complete the Fetchit installation again.
I tried to download Fetchit from the website and it’s not completing the download.
Try these following solutions if the Fetchit download doesn’t complete in about 3 to 4 minutes:
  • Try to download Fetchit in a different Browser. (ex. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  • Make sure your computer has an adequate internet connection.
  • Double check your firewall settings and antivirus. Review the ports that need to be open in the system requirements sections.
  • Try to download Fetchit on a different computer and see if it completes.

Software Related

I’ve purchased Fetchit but it says my Fetchit license isn’t activated.
If Fetchit is downloaded and it’s not activated, you’ll need to verify that your license key is entered correctly into Fetchit on the server. You can find your license key in your verification email you received when you signed up, or log into your account on our website. To make sure your key is entered, once Fetchit is open, right click on the icon in the systems tray on the bottom right hand side of your workstation and select “About.” This is where you’ll be able to enter your license key and select “Activate.”
I see the Fetchit bubbles, but when I click on them, the chart doesn’t pull up.
If the blue Fetchit bubbles are not pulling up the patient’s chart, there’s a few things that could be causing that.
  1. Your Practice Management Software has logged you out.
    Some practices may have a timer set to log out of your Practice Management Software if it’s not in use past a certain time limit. Please review the Auto-logoff policies with your practice manager and adjust the time limit. If the Practice Management Software is not open and running, the blue bubble will not open the chart.
  2. Other windows within your Practice Management Software may be open.
    If other windows, such as the calendar or whiteboard are open, Fetchit will not be able to pull the chart up. Try closing the additional windows before clicking the blue bubbles.
The Fetchit Bubbles do not pop up on my computer.
If your computer is the only one effected by this issue, try restarting your computer and open Fetchit again. If the Fetchit bubbles will not pop up on any computers, please try the following resolutions:
  1. Log on to your server and open Services by searching in the Windows Start bar. Restart the Fetchit Service.
  2. Make sure that your firewall and/or antivirus is not blocking the following ports:
    • 1433 TCP – SQL Server Database
    • 1434 UDP – SQL Server Browser
    • 3520 UDP – Fetchit Interface Box
    • 1020-1030 TCP – Bubble Popups
What if a number pops up red and I know it’s in a patient’s charts?
If the Fetchit bubble is red, that means that Fetchit could not match the caller-id number with a number in your Practice Management Software. The number may be different, there could be a space or it could be missing an area code. To double check that the number is a match, open up the History Tray from the Fetchit icon that sits in your system tray on the right hand side of your computer. Locate the phone number, which will be red, and right click on the number. Select “Why is it red?” and it will open a search window. Paste your customer ID into the field box and you’ll be able to cross reference the number that called in with what’s in the chart. Correct the number in the chart if necessary.

Phone System Related

I have a Fetchit Caller-ID box and Fetchit will not pop up.
If the Fetchit bubbles will not pop up and you’ve tried the solutions notated in the software related section, please continue to trouble shoot your caller-id box. Unplug the caller-id power cord, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in. If Fetchit still does not pop up, make sure that the LED lights are lit on the front of the box while it’s plugged in. If you do not see the lights on, please contact Fetchit.
I have a VOIP phone system and Fetchit will not pop up. I’ve checked the caller-id box (if applicable) and reviewed the solutions listed in the software related category.
Some phone systems are required to have the phone system app running on the computer to allow Fetchit to run. Double check that your phone system app is open on your computer and try to run Fetchit again.